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What is Vastu Shastra ?

Vastu is a traditional ancient system of architecture, which literally translates to “Science of Architecture” & These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of Design, Layout, Measurements, Ground Preparation, Space Arrangement and Spatial Geometry.

The Sanskrit word Vastu means a Dwelling or house (foundation of a house) ground, building, habitation, homestead.

Vastu defines “Anywhere Where Immortals or Mortals Live”

Why Choose Us

Scientific Vastu Solution

Vastu is the scientific study of directions, which aims at utilizing the natural energies for the benefit of humans, by creating a balance between man and material. Natural elements of the universe, Panchbhootas. Vastav India don’t believe in illusion instead give a complete logical and Permanent acceptable solutions.

No Structural Change

Vastu is a complete science and there is no need for structural change always and should not think about material modification, rather find remedies by installing directional Geometric yantras can give us the convenience we wish for. We blend without remodeling the structure and without changing aesthetics.

Assured Results

We take our clients and their problems very seriously and put in our best efforts to suggest and implement a remedy. Please read our endorsement to get a greater taste of our work, result and dedication

What We Do

We provide best solution for your Vastu needs

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Vastu For Home

Good Vastu Layout has a significant impact on the Lifestyle and Health . Designing pleasant and well balanced environment generates positive flow in the house.

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Vastu For Office

Vastu has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of vastu application in their office interiors

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Vastu For Industry

Na matter what kind of industry you are dealing with the principles of Vastu are same and one should take special care of Vastu during the construction of the building.

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Vastu For Hospital

Especially a hospital should be built by following all the rules and regulations of Vastu because it needs a great amount of positive energy.

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Vastu For Showroom

Vastu has certain tips and techniques related to the orientation of your business building, so as to help it yield the best and the positive results..

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Vastu For Institution

The Architecture (Vastu) of an Educational Institute plays an important role in the success of the educational institute, including students and the teachers..

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